Gulf Energy

Delivering energy solutions to an advancing energy sector


We aim to be the company that is preferred regionally and recognized globally in our efforts to provide energy solutions that meet the needs of all consumers.


We care about the environment we operate in and the sustainability of our surroundings and quality excellence.

Energy provision in an ecologically sustainable manner that maintains the highest quality is our primary concern as we move further into the 21st century.

Core Values


We Uphold The Highest Ethical Standards And Foster long term Relationships With Our Customers, Driving Our Exceptional Performance.


We foster a culture of teamwork, promoting synergy within our organization and cultivating a sense of ownership.


Our word is our bond. We have cultivated a culture of trust, confidence, and openness, delivering on our commitments consistently.


We boast a dynamic and passionate workforce, embracing innovation and aspiring to succeed in all areas of our business.

Gulf Energy has grown from strength to strength to become the only indigenous company in the top 4 ranked Oil Marketing Companies in the industry.


With our robust financial capabilities and multi-currency management, Gulf Energy has successfully handled some of the largest and most complex trading transactions in East and Central Africa. We enjoy strong support from leading international banks, which, coupled with our shareholder backing, enables us to diversify our product offerings and serve our clients effectively.

Our strategic partnerships with banks and financial institutions, ensures seamless trading operations across all our activities. We prioritize financial best practices, compliance, and reporting to sustain our strong financial standing.

Multi Currency Management

We adapt to the diverse needs of our customers through our multi-currency transactions for convenience, simplicity, and to ensure seamless provision of energy solutions.