Pima Gas®

Pima Gas®, our revolutionary product, is a world-first, on the cusp of global patent and avails our customers an easy entry point into the use of LPG through affordable hardware and partial fill purchase units that they can afford from authorized vendors in close proximity to their homes.

Pima Gas® is a transitional concept from using biomas and kerosene to LPG at an affordable price point.

Our goal is to positively impact the lives of our customers by providing them with clean, modern, innovative energy solutions in a safe, affordable, reliable and ecologically sound manner. Pima Gas® was developed following vast research and development on the access to and utilization of clean modern energy services amongst the low income households in Kenya focusing specifically on LPG.


In order to continuously meet the demands of our growing customers we own the largest single-owned LPG storage terminal in Nairobi - a 360 MT bulk LPG storage and cylinder filling facility complete with the latest gauging and monitoring systems.

This facility will go a long way in alleviating the perennial challenge of access to and availability of gas to our customers. It will be available to all marketers for storage and cylinder filling purposes on hospitality arrangement.