Gulf Power

The Kenyan Government has developed a Least Cost Power Development Plan (LCPDP) to increase the installed energy capacity from 1,515MW to 10,621MW by 2031

This means an increase in thermal power output from 525MW to about 1,000MW. Kenya’s electricity mix is dominated by hydro generation (over 50%) and is thus highly vulnerable to weather conditions and climate change. The climatic conditions of 1998–2000 and 2008-2009 reduced hydropower generation and led to severe energy shortages which culminated in power rationing.

In line with our ambitions to be a multifaceted energy sector player, the group set up the first locally owned independent power generation firm.

Our entry into the power generation through Gulf Power will see development of an 80.32MW Medium Speed HFO Thermal Power Plant. The plant will provide base load power to support both the thriving industrial and national requirements through connection to the grid.

The fluctuations in hydropower generation made the country appreciate the linkages between energy, environment and the country’s social-economic development.

Gulf Power will greatly contribute to the addition or rise in thermal energy thus reducing over reliance on hydropower in the electricity sector in Kenya.