Gulf Energy is one of the few indigenous players in the region to venture into aviation (into-plane) refueling services, supplying some of the largest carriers in the world.

We supply 40% of the largest regional carriers’ fuel requirement which translates to 114,000 m3 per year. Our services meet the International Air Transport Association (IATA) standards of Into-plane fuelling procedures and JIG standards.

Product Quality

Our aviation fuels adhere to stringent worldwide standards as specified by JIG and IATA quality standards. This is coupled with quality checks at each stage up until point of delivery, ensuring that from hydrant to wingtip, product integrity and quality assurance are the epitome of our service.

Product Storage and Logistics

Our Transportation and Storage agreement with Kenya Pipeline Co. allows for use of their system for receipt, storage, transportation and delivery of various petroleum products, including Jet A-1 from Mombasa to Nairobi. With this agreement, we can conveniently access KPC storage at JKIA and the hydrant infrastructure laid out across the airport.


We pride ourselves in offering our clients the highest level of service and a new experience in the refueling business, hence fast gaining ground as the preferred refuelling company. Our refuelling facilities, quality standards and storage capacity allow for efficient servicing of our customer’s needs.


Jomo Kenyatta International Airport

We have invested in 4 state of the art hydrant refuelling dispensers at our Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) aviation terminal.

These, coupled with our modern refuelling facility, give us the ability to efficiently scale up our operations to handle extra capacity at JKIA, and hence seeking out new, mutually beneficial partnerships

Wilson Airport

We have a wet aviation depot at the Wilson Airport with a tank capacity of 180,000 litres of Jet A-1. In addition to this, we also have 2 state of the art bowsers with a capacity of 18,000 litres each which will be used to service the airlines operating from Wilson Airport. The facility has been designed to facilitate drumming of Jet A-1 on site, as well as having a provision for the storage of AVGAS within the premises. The investment in such equipment will ensure that we offer a consistent, uninterrupted service, a benefit derived from new equipment.